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Millboard decking perth

Premier Hardwood Decking are Perths leading installers of Timber and Composite Decking.

  Timber Decking Perth

Which decking product to use?

Premier Hardwood Decking.

Premier Hardwood Decking specialises in the installation of composite decking and timber decking in Perth W.A.  We only use durable and stable hardwood decking that we know perform well through knowledge and experience in Perth`s sometimes harsh climate.
We are proud to be recommended installers of Millboard composite Decking in Perth. 

Timber Decking Perth.


Merbau has high degree of natural durability and strength, also being resistant to termites makes an ideal hardwood for decking installations in Perth.  Merbau has an attractive grain pattern with almost no imperfections.

Merbau is recognised and approved as a bush fire resistant timber.  Its tone is light to dark red, rather similar to Jarrah.  With a lifespan over over 40 years Merbau is a very popular option for decking due to its strength and affordability..  We install both 90mm and 140mm profiles.

We pre-seal every  of the decking board when installing all hardwoods.  This provides a maximum longevity for your new investment.

Fijian Mahogany

A versatile, stable timber that’s exstemely good for staining.  We can add a slight tint to the oil to transform the deck into a unique tone to match your decor. 

Mahogany has a beautiful and very detailed grain pattern that will compliment any outdoor area.  

Farmed from a fully sustainable Fijian government program.

One of our most popular decking options, we have been installing Mahogany Decking in Perth for over 7 years.  Performs well and will last for decades when installed correctly.


Pacific Teak

Teak is so durable it is used in the  boat building industry.  Due to its high natural oil content Pacific Teak is well suited to poolside applications, where water and moisture are an issue.

The "Rolls Royce" of the timber decking world.  Light brown to honey in tone, Pacific Teak offers a lighter option than some other darker hardwoods.

A solid and dependable timber that will last a lifetime, if installed correctly and maintained.  Ask us about our great low installation rates on Pacific Teak, Merbau, Fijian Mahogany and Jarrah.  All our decks are per-sealed on every surface and fixed using 65mm stainless steel screws for maximum longevity.


Locally grown from the ranges east of Perth down to Albany.  Jarrah has been used externally for decking installs for many years.  .  An extremely hard timber that will last for decades if installed and maintained correctly.  Jarrah is unmistakable in its beauty and character, a popular choice for decking in Perth.



Accoya Decking offers our clients a different tone than the red tints of Jarrah and Merbau.  Premier Hardwood Decking are one of only a few installers who specialise in the use of Accoya Decking in Perth,  due to its natural beauty and is extreme durability

Accoya decking will silver off and grey over time if left untreated, but will remain stable and durable due to its unique non-toxic acetylation process.  The perfect decking choice if you desire the silver grey look, or simply stain to keep your deired timber tone.

Accoya® wood is a high performance wood. Created from sustainably-sourced wood, Accoya® undergoes a proprietary, non-toxic acetylation process that permanently modifies the wood to the core.

The result: an environmentally friendly solid wood with durability, dimensional stability and beauty that matches or exceeds even the best tropic hardwood.

Accoya® wood is sourced from sustainable sources, including FSC® and has class leading environmental credentials such as Cradle to Cradle™ Gold certification by the highly prestigious McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC) organization.

Accoya decking has less shrinkage movement than even teak, making it extremely stable and a perfect decking option in Perth`s climate

Accoya® wood is perfect for demanding applications such as outdoor decking.  Accoya Decking has an expected lifespan of 50 years.  Call Grant today: 0428 446 303 about using Accoya Decking on your new investment.

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Roasted Ash Hardwood Decking

Roasted Ash decking is heat treated to thermally modify the cell structure of the timber to produce a product that is extremely stable & durable without the use of chemicals.

Roasted Ash decking is extremely stable with around half the movement
of other kiln-dried timber decking products.
Roasted Ash uses a thermal high temperature treatment to protect the
product from fungi attack without the use of any chemicals.

Roasted Ash can be fixed using the traditional method through it’s face or using the unique secret fixing method.

Roasted Ash Decking is an extremely stable materials that is also well suited to Perth`s climate.  A great option for decking in Perth, offering a unique chocolate tone rather than the the dark reds associated with Jarrah and Merbau Decking

Composite Decking Perth

Millboard Composite Decking

Millboard decking is virtually maintenance free and is the world's finest 100% wood-free composite decking. With the incredible realistic look of natural timber, Millboard composite deck has Best-In-Class slip resistance, zero splinters and never needs to be oiled or sealed - ever! All backed by an Industry leading 25Y Limited Residential Warranty. Millboard decking contains no timber, nor any plastic! It's totally non-porous - meaning it doesn't absorb moisture, doesn't shrink or expand like other composites, & is highly stain resistant, spills won't penetrate the surface!

Call us today about Millboard Decking, 0428 446 303

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Fijian Mahogany

Pacific Teak


Millboard Decking